What happens if you don't go to the dentist for a long time?

Skipping a dental appointment will allow plaque to build up and attack your teeth, ultimately leading to irreversible damage and even tooth loss. Plaque buildup and tartar formation will cause tooth decay if not treated by a dentist. Tooth decay can cause many other dental health problems, such as bad breath and, ultimately, tooth loss. Tooth loss can be the result of advanced, untreated tooth decay or advanced, untreated gum disease.

Regular visits to the dentist will help prevent any of these unpleasant oral health problems from progressing to the point where tooth loss occurs. It can be easy to forget about healthy gums, especially if they don't hurt or cause any discomfort. Gingivitis, or early-stage gum disease, can be present even in red, swollen gums that feel good. Patients who don't visit the dentist are at risk of their gingivitis developing into a much more serious periodontal disease.

It is common for patients with advanced stages of periodontal disease to experience jaw bone loss and tooth loss. Regular visits to the dentist allow the dental professional to make an early diagnosis to detect and treat gingivitis at an early stage. All the bacteria, plaque and tartar that build up in the mouth will cause an unpleasantly smelling breath. Bad breath can also be the result of periodontal disease, something you may not get infected if you don't visit the dentist.

Cavities are the obvious and likely result of a mouth that hasn't been cleaned or examined by a dentist for some time. The buildup of bacteria, plaque, and tartar gradually corrodes tooth enamel and causes holes in the tooth. Small cavities can be filled easily. However, large and extensive cavities require more dental work, such as crowns and possibly endodontics.

Patients who don't see the dentist regularly run the risk of their small, easy-to-treat tooth decay turning into a much larger cavity and difficult to treat. Not only will the buildup of tartar and plaque increase the risk of tooth decay and decay, but it will also leave an unpleasant stain on your teeth that will only get worse the longer you put off going to the dentist. Every time you visit the dentist for a dental cleaning, an exam is also performed. Part of this dental exam includes an oral cancer screening test.

The longer you postpone your visit to the dentist, the more time you'll go without checking for life-threatening oral cancer. If you haven't been to the dentist for a long time, you may be at risk of getting oral cancer and not knowing it. More studies and research have linked oral health to general health. Patients who neglect to properly care for their mouth by not regularly going to the dentist are at risk not only of contracting diseases of the teeth and gums, but are also at risk of contracting diseases and ailments in other parts of the body.

Some important health conditions related to oral health include heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer of. If you've been neglecting your dentist, it might be time to make that phone call. Otherwise, you may have to deal with some of these 11 unpleasant symptoms that occur when you skip dental appointments. All that plaque and tartar can cause a little bit of bad breath.

Even in the absence of periodontal disease, there may be halitosis or bad breath due to its presence in the mouth, says dentist Dr. This bad breath is caused by the accumulation of the final products of your digestive cycle, such as sulfur. Bacteria that build up in the mouth not only cause bad breath, but they can also build up and form a white coating on the tongue. If this persists longer for a few weeks, it's definitely time to see your dentist.

When you don't go to the dentist, it can lead to several problems. Tooth decay and tooth decay are one of the most common dental problems. If you let a tooth decay go untreated, it can eventually lead to a dental infection. In some cases, a tooth may need to be removed if the infection is severe enough.

Now let's say that two years have passed. At this point, your tooth decay may be getting to the point where you need more than just a filling. Patients may begin to feel tenderness and pain in their teeth, and may need root canals and a crown to save the tooth, Gargano says. This is because the tooth is regularly exposed to acids, bacteria and sugars and, over time, tooth decay can worsen even more without regular cleaning.

Their fears can easily overcome their desire to take control of their dental health, leading to them going more years without going to the dentist. Now let's talk about ten years, a whole decade since you last sat back in a dentist's chair and let them rummage around your mouth. In addition to reviewing the x-rays, the dentist will also examine if the teeth are aligned correctly, check for loose fillings, and analyze the condition of the gums. You may not think that you would wait five years between visits to the dentist, but it's really easy to let half a decade go by without even a cleaning.

Visiting your dentist for regular checkups and seeking dental treatment, when indicated, are critical to better health. As annoying as it is to go to the dentist, your overall health depends on those visits, so don't skip the chance. Once your teeth have been cleaned, the dentist will carefully examine them for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and possible problems that may have occurred. a board-certified pediatric dentist and director of the Family Health Centers at New York University's Langone School of Dentistry, tells you.

After many years of neglecting my teeth out of fear of the dentist, my dental problems got worse enough that I had no choice but to fix them. A good oral care regimen includes visiting the dentist twice a year, this will ensure that your mouth is healthy and will avoid dreaded procedures, such as root canals, in the future. On the one hand, the dentist may recommend that you schedule a follow-up appointment if you need to perform a dental filling or more complex dental treatment. .


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