Is being a dentist satisfying?

However, despite all the challenges dentists face, dentistry remains an excellent professional option. You and your team help people improve not only their oral health but also their quality of life. It's a good feeling to work with your hands. You can use your own hands to help patients achieve better oral health.

It's a little comforting to know that others realize that dentistry isn't all it seems. I am a recent graduate who realized in the middle of the second year that this garbage was not for me. But I went on with it; I thought that with all the debt and time invested in this race, it could well be positive and I would like to. A few years later, and guess what, dentistry still sucks.

My back and neck aches, the “emotion” has turned into nauseating stress, and I shudder every time something goes wrong and things go through the fan. They only gave me two options: medicine or dentistry, so I decided on dentistry because I didn't want to dedicate myself to medicine. It's funny that you mention this last option, in fact, I received a message from my father earlier today saying that my dentist wants me to work with him when I graduate for “more than 500 at least a day, more when you bring clients”. My plan is to simplify as much as possible, live below my financial means, and dedicate myself to dentistry that I am comfortable with.

You may regret not following your dreams, but you need to find out if money is more important to you or not because there is a big difference in income between a dentist and a teacher. One thing I've learned from reading and commenting on this blog is that you need the right personality for dentistry or this career will leave you lifeless and make you miserable. Honestly, if I only graduated with 200,000, I would feel like I would be on cloud nine, because dentistry, while not the first option, was high on my list of careers as a college student. The system is a disaster, the job is not walking in the park and the dentists who leave their mark on this profession almost all (but not all) put the patient last.

He's really exhausted and the worst person you can meet is the one who teaches dentistry here at my school. Now that I know that my dentist's job is probably much more stressful than mine, I'll do anything to help reduce that stress a little. All I'll say is that, while I think the path to dentistry (and dentistry itself) seems “less arduous and soul-sucking” than medicine, it's still really hard and has “sucked the soul out” of many of us. I stumbled upon your blog last year and recently returned to see what happened to the person who left dentistry.

By choosing to incorporate technology into your office that improves and shapes the patient experience, you are part of this generation of dentists who are shaping the dental industry as a whole. For some, being a dentist and having their own office means practicing dentistry with the specialized approach that brings them the most joy. Some dentists do almost everything in their offices, some may choose to refer all of their endodontic procedures, and others may choose to focus solely on sleep medications.

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